Rebellion diary – 20/10

Like a Pussy Riot for the end of the world

That was how XR was described in an article the other day, post our occupation of Greenpeace headquarters in London and it truly delighted my soul!

I was the person from XR who had replied to the interview questionnaire for that article and just as i was delighted to see the article i was also equally anxious when i read it through the first time after it had been published, seeing my name next to all those words. its not that i was saying anything i was regretting but its just a bit more controversial to occupy Greenpeace offices compared to if it would have been the premises of a fossil-fuel company. Seeing my name attached to controversy in a public space is not something i am used to, swedish as i am, a country which endeavours to stay neutral!

Extinction protest brings Stroud to a standstill

That was the headline of my day today. I have been disrupting the flow of traffic for protests several times before, but never in the town which has been my base during the three years i have been living in the UK

People are coming out of the woodwork now

That was true of Stroud today, like a micro-cosm of the country at large. All those names we have on our list of emails and so few turning up to our weekly meetings, it turns out they are all coming out for actions in droves and attracting new people as they go, just not for meetings

What are you up to, wee person?

‘Criminal damage’, soon more times than i can keep count of but i seem to be unable to get any repercussions for it even when i do it right in front of members of the police (White privilege). Today i painted several extinction symbols on the road while traffic were halted by some beautiful trouble.

Photo: Simon Pizzey, Stroud News and Journal


What is it all about then?

Rising sea levels are already drowning entire nations and will destroy coastal cities across europe in not too long, and still people are in rage for being late to a football match between Gloucester and Cheltenham. Who knows, the entire city of Gloucester might be flooded and destroyed in a couple of decades or even less, situated on a river plain as it is

We shall seize the moment, for a kiss behind the barricades

Life in the rebellion involves for me most of the time sitting at my desk typing on my laptop or sitting in conference calls so take the above romantic quote with a pinch of salt. Its about adventure though and somehow, without me clearly understanding how, my life has gone from ‘trying to be somewhere i am not’ to ‘i have now arrived and find myself swept up in an adventure’

Apples at work, apples at play

My ‘normal’ job at the moment is all about apples. Picking them, moving them, crushing them and pressing them to apple juice. Its all about the harvest but still im frantically around and about with my body and my mind while the season is passing by. The shadows, the amber light in the mornings and evenings when i cycle to and from work along country lanes, the deep orange of the apple juice and the now falling leaves from the pear trees, the chill in the air on a clear day and the last rides of the year on the back of a landrover across fields and orchards. All here and then gone.

Everyone gone, forever


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