The tough got going – why I ran for the hills…

I’ve spent much of my adult life battling injustice. Decades of fighting for climate justice (and thereby the fate of all living things), culminated in leading 50,000 concerned citizens through the streets of Westminster at the Avaaz Climate March in 2013.

As a solution-seeker, I joined a lobby group behind *Thorium fuelled nuclear energy; working tirelessly within the corridors of power.

After many years of bashing my head against a brick wall – the wall built of vested interests, I, literally, ran for the hills; now into my third year living & breathing on the spectacular North Devon coast.

I thought I could be content with not being complicit in the mass destruction and maybe, just maybe, convert the odd non-believer…

Clearly that’s a reach too far. Among other things, I’ve refrained from campaigning against the prolific use of palm oil by the chippies + seaside eateries and fed my inner need to DO something by regular beach cleaning + working with Surfers against Sewage.

I’m now willing, able and ready for this long overdue rebellion…

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