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Welcome to the 8th Extinction Rebellion newsletter!

Thanks so much to all the new rebels getting involved and taking action up and down the UK, and now in countries around the world from the USA to Ghana and right across Europe. Much more has been happening than can be included here but we’re going to do our best to bring you up to speed with some of the important stuff and give you a picture of what’s to come.

There’s been a slight change of plans for tomorrow. We’re NOT meeting in Parliament Square anymore. Instead, choose one of London’s 5 major bridges to shut down:




Check out what’s on near you with our full list of upcoming events available to view on our website, rebellion.earth/events (or on facebook here). If you’re new or haven’t already, remember to check out our Campaign Overview Document

You cannot buy the revolution. You cannot make the revolution. You can only be the revolution. It is in your spirit, or it is nowhere.” 
                                                                                   ― Ursula K. Le Guin

The Extinction Rebellion has spread to Ghana


  • Rebellion Swarming
  • Recent Activity
  • Latest News and Data
  • Extreme Weather
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Rebellion Swarming


Extinction Rebellion will only achieve its demands if we cause economic disruption sufficient to bring the authorities to the negotiating table.

Protest marches and rallies will not create the rapid political change now needed to deal with the ecological emergency, so we have developed another tactic that will be much harder to ignore.


7am, 21-23 NOVEMBER

Sign up to Swarm
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Recent Activity

NVDA Training Days in London – Preparing for the Rebellion
Over the weekend, XR hosted two interactive training days which brought together people from all over the world, wanting to get involved in NVDA action. A representative from Green & Black Cross informed us about our legal rights and what happens during an arrest. (More information here).Emphasis was put on interpersonal care and the presence of the wellbeing crew at Rebellion Day on the 17th, who operate from the London Action Resource Centre hub (White Chapel or Aldgate East stops on District/Hammersmith & City lines). If you need help or support during the action, there will be wellbeing coordinators around. It’s important to listen to yourself and if you become uncomfortable, to take personal responsibility for removing yourself from the situation.By rising up with Extinction Rebellion, we are supporting each other’s efforts through understanding, shared mutual goals, respect for one another and the world around us.MORE NVDA TRAININGS AND LUNCHTIME SWARMING BRIEFINGS WILL BE HAPPENING EVERY DAY IN LONDON FROM SUNDAY TO WEDNESDAY- MORE DETAILS AT REBELLION.EARTH/EVENTS


22 More Rebel Arrests as Extinction Rebellion Occupies BEIS Offices

unnamed (2).jpg
Photo via: Christian Climate Action.
On Monday, (12/11/18), rebel activists super-glued themselves to the doors, blocked the road and the extinction symbol was emblazoned inside and outside a government department that refuses to be transparent and which continues to blatantly lie about out proximity to catastrophe. You can watch live-streamed videos of the action, herehere and here. The press release is here.

As planned, there were a number of arrests with 22 people taken into custody.

Simon Bramwell was one of those arrested and his words were clear:

We are in the 6th mass extinction. Our wildlife is dying, our children are under threat. We must act now. Governments around the world must tell the truth and start preparing. We can act. We can change the course of destruction that we are on but it will take everyone to rebel and rise up.” 

Since then we’ve had a further 33 arrests. Those who are bravely risking their liberty deserve all the support, love and solidarity that we can muster. Thank you all for your selfless actions; they will not be in vain.

Other noteworthy recent actions around the country included more roadblocks in BristolManchester and Leeds.

Bristol Rebels In Court
On Tuesday, 13/11/18, three rebel defendants pleaded ‘Not Guilty’ to charges of criminal damage at Bristol Magistrates Court, based on the lawful excuse of protecting greater property damage across the world. Their hearing will be at 10am on January 21st, at Bath Magistrates Court.

Protests and Arrests at Westminster Bridge, Downing Street and DEFRA

CLIMATE CHANGE – WE’RE F***ED – 100ft Bannerdrop
On Wednesday morning, rebels gathered on Westminster bridge to drop a colourfully worded 100+ foot banner before reconverging on Downing Street: some glued themselves to railings, some sprayed chalk-paint, and a crowd blocked off the entrance, holding up a line of empty boxes which spelled ‘food shortages are coming’. After three arrests and a stern police intervention, the protesters apparently dispersed – only to reappear outside the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). There were more chalk-sprayers and more arrests, all of which was cheered on by a peaceful, singing, leaflet-bearing crowd. You can watch livestreams of the action here and here.
unnamed (3)
DEFRA’s offices, redecorated

Two More Rebels Arrested Outside Brazilian Embassy at Queer Street Party Last Night

unnamed (4).jpg
Queer Party and Roadblock to Save the Amazon, outside the Brazilian Embassy last night.
Thursday night (15/11/18) saw Extinction Rebellion and friends shut down the road outside the Brazilian embassy for a Big Queer Party to Save the Amazon, protesting the election of the ecocidal Bolsonaro. Paint bombs were hurled at the embassy and 2 more rebels were arrested amidst a lively samba band. You can watch livestreams of the action here and here.

Roger Hallam’s Trial Postponed

At 10:00 this morning (Friday) at Southwark Crown Court, Roger Hallam faced a possible prison sentence for spray-chalking the central hall of King’s College London last year. Roger was charged with ‘criminal damage without lawful excuse’, and since then has been arrested 10 times for civil disobedience actions – however today his trial was postponed until March, on the grounds that the Prosecution was unable to provide enough witnesses.

The full press release is here.


Saturday 17th November, Rebellion Day will be the climax of six consecutive days of disruptive, non-violent civil disobedience, which began on Monday with our action at the Government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. We will assemble in cities across the UK including in the belly of the beast, London where we will occupy the city’s five major bridges, creating economic pressure where it will be felt the most. This corporate-sponsored government, whose pandering to fossil fuel billionaires and whose negligence in refusing to honestly acknowledge the ecological crisis has given us no other choice than to conscientiously rebel.
Simultaneously,  the national Unity Demo Against Fascism and Racism will be rallying in the capital, outside the BBC. We have been coordinating to make the day as impactful as possible. Our struggles are interconnected. We must work together against fascism and racism, for climate justice and our continued existence as a species.

Latest News and Data

Fracking in the UK: 35 earthquakes so far at Preston New Road since fracking began there less than a month ago, Cuadrilla bosses have halted work at the site and conceded they ‘did not expect’ the quakes. Claire Perry, the UK energy minister has suggested that the government should relax standards on categorising seismic activity, so that fracking can resume. Meanwhile, disproportionate, unnecessarily forceful arrests and harassment of fracktivist protectors has continued, at Preston New Rd and Tinker Lane, where Notts Police have now imposed limits on protest.
Ecocide in Brazil: “Where there is indigenous land, there is wealth beneath it” . The environmentally disastrous election of Bolsonaro faces resistance. Brazil is the world’s most dangerous country to be an environmental defender, with 57 murdered last year alone. We in the privileged global North must take action to end the injustice of CO2lonialism.

210 million people have been displaced by climate related catastrophes since 2008 – UNHCR

Iceland and Greenpeace’s Christmas Advert has been Banned for Being ‘Too Political’. The advert drew attention to the plight of orangutans in the context of rainforest deforestation for palm oil. Iceland’s own-brand products went palm-oil free earlier this year.

Male insect fertility halved by heatwaves.

And lastly, some positive news, the Keystone XL pipeline has been halted by a federal judge. Holland has stopped fracking and the EU has approved a ban on single-use plastics.

50,000 people have marched in Montreal to demand climate action. Planet Goes to Parliament have recently organised 5 mass demos with numbers increasing each time. 2 more are scheduled to coincide with the upcoming COP24 next month.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez joined hundreds of young people for a sit-in at Nancy Pelosi’s office on the first day of the new Congress, demanding she back a #GreenNewDeal to transform the US economy in the next 12 years to stop climate change.

Extreme Weather

UK: Storm Deirdre ‘Chaos’ – 70mph winds, some parts of West Wales flooded. 2500 homes without power. A38 blocked by floodwater. Homes submerged under 10 feet of water. Cornwall ‘cut off’.

The deathtoll after the flooding and landslides in Italy has risen to 29 people. 14 million trees over thousands of hectares have been razed to the ground.

At least 59 confirmed dead, over 300 still missing and more than 250,000 evacuated amidst the deadliest wildfires in California’s history. 150ft flames, ‘firenados’ and smoke plumes visible from space. Trump has shamefully responded by attacking the state’s forest management and threatening to cut their federal funding. At time of writing, the fires are still only 35% contained.

In the US, there has also been ‘localised’ flooding in North Georgia and across Atlanta.

Flash flooding has struck the Persian Gulf, with heavy rain which burst through the roof of the King Khalid International Airport airport near Ryadh. Flash Flooding has killed at least another 12 people in Petra, Jordan, just 2 weeks after flooding which killed 21 people, mostly children. 4000 people have been evacuated. At least one person was killed in Kuwait on Saturday amidst floods which damaged roads, bridges and homes. Kuwaiti oil firms and ministries have announced a state of emergency.

Flash flooding has struck parts of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

At least two people have been killed by flash flooding in Thailand.

We mourn all the dead and our thoughts are with their friends and loved ones and all the climate refugees who have lost their homes. Climate breakdown and extreme weather disasters are real, happening right now and getting worse. An economic system that ignores this truth and treats our finite, living planet as having infinite resources to be exploited for unlimited profits is one based on a catastrophically dangerous lie.

We must change this. We can change this. We will change this.

The most radical thing any of us can do at this time is to be fully present to what is happening in the world
                                                                                            – Joanna Macy


Reading, Viewing and Listening


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Thank you for reading this newsletter and for supporting the rebellion.

Special thanks to all the; roadblockers, legal observers, organisers, speakers, writers, bloggers, journalists, academics, politicians, networkers, keyboard warriors, artists, musicians, chalk brandals, biodegradable sticker bombers and of course to everybody we didn’t have the room to big up here.

WE are the leaders we’ve all been waiting for!

This document was written collaboratively by 8 rebels. If you’d like to get involved in writing future editions, contact rpaluchm@gmail.com

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