USA NEWS: Last Saturday, Extinction Rebellion sent a message heard ‘round the world: Cut carbon dramatically or face the consequences.

People rose from Los Angeles to Chicago, from DC to Austin, demanding that their governments declare a climate emergency and get us to zero emissions by 2025. (Click here to see a roundup of protests around the country.) And New York led the way with style. Hundreds marched. Dozens of people blocked traffic and staged die-ins, and we dropped a giant banner over the Prometheus statue at Rockefeller ice rink to let people know that climate change = mass death.

Every single one of you played an integral part in the success of this action. Whether you painted a sign or organized outreach, got arrested or supported those who did—YOU grew this movement. YOU helped us reach thousands of people. YOU helped us get media attention (we were covered in Rolling StoneNBCABCDaily NewsPix11 and elsewhere!) And YOU can keep this movement going.

We don’t have much time to act, and if we’re going to do this, it’s going to take all of us. So get involved! We have a worldwide week of action coming up on April 15th and we need it to be bigger and bolder than anything we’ve done or seen before.


What can you do?


  • ATTEND our events in the “Looking Forward” section below.
  • Can’t attend in person? Email to get plugged into one of our working groups. Or start an XR chapter where you live. (We can help!)
  • DONATE money to fund the resistance—and to help with jail fees for our friends who got arrested.
  • SPREAD THE WORD. Host a house meeting and get your friends, family, and coworkers involved. (Email to host!)
  • SPEAK THE TRUTH: In every conversation, every political action, every demand you make, tell the truth about the climate crisis. Don’t settle for anything less than zero emissions by 2025.

The scientists have spoken and the people are rising. In cities and towns across the world we are planting the Extinction Rebellion flag, showing the world we will not idly stand by while the earth burns. This is just the beginning. Join us!


Looking Forward

In a few short weeks, we have created community bonds, organized a successful mass meeting, and created an amazing action together. Now we need to look to the future and determine how to organize to sustain the momentum our planet needs.

We are currently in process of expanding the movement in NYC, including making it easier for everyone to get plugged in and scheduling weekly meetings. We need all hands on deck to make mass mobilization possible, and we need you to jump in anyway you can. Stayed tuned for info on how to do that. In the meantime, here are some upcoming events to get involved in:

Sunday February 10th  4 – 7pm – We will be hosting a potluck dinner! We need to celebrate what we have accomplished in an incredibly short time, and look to the future. There will be time to get to know each other and share good food, as well as (fun!) XR activities. Stay tuned for more details.

Starting next Wednesday February 6th @ 6pm –  This will be the first of our bi-weekly art making parties. Location: 545 5th Ave, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn – Email: for more info.

International Rebellion Week – Starting April 15th – Get the ideas flowing for actions! As we re-build and grow, we will be looking forward toward the week of April 15th and being a part of actions all around the world.


Questions, comments, concerns? Email us at

Go to our website and sign up to get involved in working groups, and to stay up to date on the latest news –  XR NYC

Follow us on Social Media:

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