First the bad news, then the good news

Jamie Anderson donates prize money to environmental group

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Jamie Anderson and Gian-Franco Kasper
Anderson expressed her disappointment at FIS president Kasper’s “ignorant opinions”

American snowboarder Jamie Anderson has donated her World Championship prize money to an environmental campaign group.

The donation comes after the president of the International Ski Federation (FIS), Gian-Franco Kasper said there was no proof of climate change.

Anderson, 28, said Kasper should:

“not share his unconstitutional ignorant opinions”.

Kasper, the head of the FIS for more than 20 years, has since apologised.

In the interview with Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger, Kasper also said he preferred countries run by dictators to host competitions as they:

“can organize [big] events… without asking the people’s permission”.

Anderson, who is the Olympic slopestyle champion, expressed her disappointment in an Instagram post:

“For him to be so reckless with his words, ignorant and such a negative influence breaks my heart.

Instead, he should practice being a leader for a positive future.

I thought of dropping out of The World Championships, but realized I’d rather share my thoughts with the media and fans and use my platform to share a more positive message.”

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