With the clock ticking down to International Rebellion starting 15th April, XR’s Earth Marchers may have blisters on their feet, but spirits are soaring as they approach the capital from north, south, east and west.

70-year-old Jackie Dash from Truro was among those who kicked off Extinction Rebellion’sEarth March: A Pilgrimage for the Planet’ last month.

“Our cause, like those of our predecessors who have marched in order to be heard and witnessed before us, is founded in an urgent plea to those in positions of power and control to listen to the voice of the People. We are marching for the future of the land beneath our feet, our winding rivers, our shorelines, the oceans and the very air we breathe.”

Since the Cornwall contingent set off, more than a thousand people from across the country have joined groups from in Brighton, Colchester, Norwich, Nottingham, Oxford, Ashdown Forest and other urban centres, buoyed by the enthusiasm and generosity of friends and strangers along the way who offered food, accommodation and moral support.

The Cornwall group continued through Bruton, stopping by Yeovil MP Marcus Fysh’s office, while the Bath and Bristol group passed through Bradford on Avon and Devizes:

Other groups started out from Cardiff, Manchester, Peterborough, Cambridge and Brighton, meeting curiosity, support and goodwill en route. Rosie Jones reports that those who joined from Wales now “have blisters on their blisters” and shared this photo of Bed Time, Earth March style:

“We march for our children who, unless we are heard, might not live to know the Natural World, the richness and diversity of this ‘Blue Planet’ as we have been privileged to know it: these lush, green Islands as they are today. We march for the millions around the world already suffering the cruel and destructive effects of this ecological emergency. – Jackie Dash.

The send-off in Stroud


See here for a developing map of Earth March routes.

And if you’re already in London on the 14th of April, please consider coming to support our incredible Earth Marchers. They will be staying at sites around the edge of London over the night of the 13th, and on the 14th will be greeted by a welcome reception at Hyde Park which will include speeches, music, dancing and food. Marchers and rebels alike are encouraged to set up tents to stay in Hyde Park overnight, ready to join the rebellion as soon as they rise in the morning.

We’ll see you there!

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