Affinity Group Stories

Affinity groups (AGs) are the core seed of XR activism. Without them, nothing happens. Arrestables and others supporting them on the ground are often showered with praise as extraordinary “heroes”, BUT with just a little knowledge, training and preparation, just about anyone can form an affinity group and take action.

The objective of the AG Stories and AG Storytellers initiative is to show the world,

Anyone can be one of these people.”

YOU can be one of these people.”

Watch how.

We seek to embed storytellers and content creators that may already exist in AG’s or encourage storytellers to “go native” by joining AG’s, if they are trusted. Of course, AG’s boundaries must be respected e.g. related to whether they are happy to be filmed / photographed, have their names / faces known to the media etc. 

AG Storytellers can play the role of:

  • Telling their own and their AG’s #HumansofXR stories, as well as collecting #HumansofXR stories from others present at actions, if practical.
  • Airing a diversity of voices within the rebellion
  • Exploring the motives for joining an AG
  • Normalising peaceful direct action activism and softening the ‘hard-to-swallow’
  • Educating by following AGs’ formation, structure, processes and stories from start to finish
  • Giving the world a toolkit for peaceful direct action activism without being pedantic – focusing on the storytelling to keep audiences interested
  • Demystifying training, actions, arrest, time in cells or prison
  • Providing general media content for XR in written stories, blog posts and video stories
  • Inspiring familiarity, passion and interest around AG’s by allowing the following and tracking of individual / favourite AG’s. Giving people a way of following their AG – e.g. a hashtag such as #XRCCA for Christian Climate Action affinity group, or even an Insta account, etc, and #XRSnowflakes for the infamous Snowflakes AG.

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