The time is now, we’re rising up!

I was born to save the world

With all the other boys and girls

In school they spoke pollution

Didn’t give us a solution

Six years old and I could see

The grown-ups, not wise as we

Now time passed, we’ve grown

Look what’s happened to our home

We’ve had enough of greed

I just want to plant seeds

I’d love to run away

But if I do those days are numbered

For too long we’ve all slumbered

Blindly taking without thinking

That this ship we’re on is sinking

Now we’re really in a mess

I’m bricking it I must confess

There’s no time for blame

No good coming from shame

Now’s the time for action

We’re huge and they a fraction

We’re here to sort it out

To dance and scream and sing and shout

Since I was born I’ve felt it

We’re here to join and solve it

You feel it in your hearts

So use your bodies and your art

Use your minds and your hands

Together now we’ll make a stand

We’ll do what has to be done

So gather now, the time has come

And even if it seems insane

We will tie ourselves with chains

We will stand with our arms linked

Kick a fuss and make a stink

No longer will we be ignored

Planet Earth will be restored

We know what we’re here to do

We are many, they are few

So many of us now awake

Our very lives are now at stake

The time has come the truth is known

Yes we are here to save our home

So get yourself ready, the gig is up,

The time is now, we’re rising up!

What Can One Person Do?

When I think of climate change and how I can help I think, ‘I can’t possibly help! What can one person do?! It’s out of my control. It’s out of our control.’

I know there are lots of people out there just like me who feel the urge to make a difference but then I think, ‘we are a small percentage and it feels hopeless’ -but that doesn’t make me feel good! -Just burying my head in the sand! Just accepting my fate! Just accepting the shitty cards that have been dealt us by generations before us not paying attention and letting corporate machines run riot over our lives and our futures!

And what of our future? Does anyone intelligent have children any more? But just not bringing children into the world, is that not just bailing out on the future of all humanity? That is not an answer! I still want to have children and I want to be able to tell them I did something, anything at all to help make a difference, because burying our heads in the sand is exactly what our parents did and so too did their parents. It seems like all anyone has ever done is ignore the bad shit that is going on in the world and hope that it doesn’t affect them…well now it’s affecting everyone and I am not going to allow my feelings of being so small prevent me from doing whatever I can.

I am a drop in the ocean but I am a very powerful drop.

-by Pippi