Please read to the bottom of this page before contacting us!

For general enquiries about the UK Extinction Rebellion, please contact 

For the International Extinction Rebellion, the International Rebellion website is here

On the international website you can sign up with your details and we will be able to link you with people in your country. 

For press enquiries please contact:

For blog submissions, please email:

Please make sure you watch our Heading For Extinction video (on the right here) before contacting us, and read through our principles and values.

We are a fast growing movement, and we need your help to get through all the enquiries we get, and facilitate as many local groups starting and international groups as possible.

Non-violent direct action (NVDA) is central to everything.

In order to succeed, and to facilitate growth, we need to run as tight an operation as possible. Whilst meaningful and heart-led human contact is important and beautiful, this is a mass uprising we are organising, not a picnic, so we require some discipline and consideration from you before you contact us.

It’s not that we don’t care. We have a Regenerative Culture subgroup within our campaign. We care a whole lot! But recruitment has to be disciplined. WWII level mobilisation is required.

Please don’t ask us questions that would have been answered by you reading this blogsite (and linked sites) more carefully. If you’ve read through everything, most likely we’ll ask ‘how can we help?’