Purpose of XR Blog

1) Using literature to uphold the ten principles and values of Rising Up! beginning with the first principle: ‘We have a shared vision for change’. XR is founded upon and guided by these principles.

2) Giving every-day supporters of XR around the world a chance to increase solidarity in the movement through self-expression and healthy debate within the common aims of the movement.

3) Building regenerative culture more widely. Encouraging a diversity of literature which normalises healthy narratives of human existence; ones which are caring of living beings and radically challenging of the Earth-destroying neoliberal status quo.

4) Exploring and documenting the unfolding of the global ecological crisis, on a scientific basis, and the global response to it.

5) Ensuring the global south has appropriate representation, in the context that it is the hyper-industrialised north which drives the Anthropocene (the sixth mass extinction event on Earth).

6) Nurturing and mentoring globally underrepresented voices of all kinds, in the context of XR.