Extinction Rebellion Network of Online Writers (!XRNOW!)

!XRNOW! is a network of online writers -in development- who support the aims and principles of Extinction Rebellion (XR)

According to Erica Chenoworth’s research, only 3% of a population is needed to effect radical system change, on average, in any country.

Bearing in mind the above, the overall strategy of !XRNOW! is to support global system change by having presence on 3% of all internet pages globally, by 2025, also the date by which XR demands that governments reduce carbon emissions to zero.

The underlying assumption (which doesn’t take long to back up with research) is that the internet, as a whole, as it stands, does not represent the truth of the global ecological crisis appropriately, sufficiently, or democratically.

‘Presence’ is defined as:

  • XR main sites and social media pages
  • XR-affiliated not-for-profit sites
  • Literature about XR including blog posts
  • Links back to XR sites or XR-affiliated sites