XR Restructuring -Temporary Page

Hello Extinction Rebellion

This communication is reaching you to give you an update of where the review and restructure process currently is at, which many of you probably have heard of or at least heard rumours about. A common theme which is getting voiced is the lack of transparency in the process and so this is an attempt to improve on that. Some of the content in this communication was previously posted on Basecamp but things can easily go missing there and we really want this to reach the whole system. This was also sent out as an email to everyone who has their email address registered on Basecamp and if you know people who are not on there but to whom this is relevant then please share this text with them, for example if you work with a local XR group.

Several weeks ago the (now disbanded) Coordination Group created a Review & Restructure team to work to decentralise XR. This team is tasked with making the XR organism more resilient, inclusive and efficient, partly by transferring the power that was previously centralised within the Coordination Group. An image of the system we have been working with up until now can be found at page 6 of this document  and we are working towards something more in this direction

The previous coordination group have now disbanded, last meeting was on the 7/12 and was video recorded here. A document containing all of the minutes of this group can be found here.

In this document you can read more in detail about what was proposed and also find the minutes of the meetings which have been held to take the proposals forward. Also you can find a recording of the meeting held on the 12th December here. Gail has recorded a short video about the process which have been published here and Tiana and Amaraghita have recorded a video explaining the mandate system in this video

We really want your feedback into this process!

Thus two questionnaires have been made, one focused on people who have been working and organising with XR, which you can find here and there is also one for the wider XR community which is for everyone supporting XR in different capacities, or might have withdrawn their support or simply encountered us, which can be found here

We really value your feedback and do read through all feedback during this process.

Let’s be patient and kind to each other and remind ourselves why we are working on this! Magical things have been achieved and though the XR system has had some big flaws, there is big potential for this rebellion to make improvements and go further.

– The review and restructure group.