“Who is Extinction Rebellion for” Ditty

By Liz Darcy Jones

I was challenged this week by an acquaintance as to who the leaders of XR are and who it’s for… Very serendipitous timing as I’d reached Principle and Value No 6 ‘We welcome everyone and every part of everyone’!

And after joining members of the Green Party, other environmental groups and fellow XR rebels in Newbury in pouring rain to remind the Council that the climate emergency will have an impact on their spending (it was their annual Budgetary meeting) the ditty below emerged. We were a diverse group and my imagination lit up…

Who is XR for?’

‘Too general, it can’t be done! Nah!’
It’s something I muse upon. And now I’ll hazard a try
to tell you why…’

Because XR is you

the passionate, secret tree-hugger

daring to start a chant (she’s eighty-two)

Because XR is me

the child of three

who doesn’t understand but likes to bang

his tambourine and make a noise indefinitely!

Because XR is her

retired and studious academic

now prepared to make a stir

Because XR is him

who doesn’t agree entirely with the strategy

and whose sight is getting dim

but feels valued (and the endless marching

keeps him trim)

Because XR is he/she/neither and LGBT

removes all labels and yet recognises

each for who they are – safe and heard in a holacracy*

Because XR is multi-sized

embracing every part of you –

yes, the bits you conveniently forget

and the lovely parts you’ve not yet met

Because XR is me

lover of solitude, pacing my supplies of energy

XR could be each and every one of us

the passengers and driver of the bus

XR could be mankind – man kind – transformed into one ginormous ‘we’
will you join up and help that come to be?!

*A holacracy is a decentralised nimble form of organisation, flat in structure leveraging autonomy, see www.holacracy.org

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