My Rebellion

I was one of the first to be arrested

Over on Southwark the cuffs fit snugly

Into my assessment of events

We unfurled the banner, hitchless, crispy

Moments after Larch, at the fountain

Laid out a plan for a smart block –

We strode past the coppers

Staked our territory

Held the banner in unicity

With the other four bridges

The bright yellow jackets

Cameras on, batons low slung

Walked us down, we edged back

I shouted to the stragglers

To get behind us –

‘We’ve taken the bridge’

Larch said.

In the cop van with the Teign Valley crooks

About as crooked as the fact that we’re hot

As a planet, a movement -XR prevailing

Van banter, talk of favourite arrests

The Arsenal fan with the flare

(Don’t bring rockets to the stadium

Unless the stadium is television

The rocket, demand for global change)

Someone in the van with a subtle pronoun

The cop self-corrected, kindly chuckling

Before the driver stepped on it

And I enjoyed our public askance

Looking mean at us from London –

Held in a cage at Charing Cross

With a rude drunk who lost a million

Now homeless and glad to get

Bed and food from the Met –

At the custody desk I stood for

The questions, for Rising Up! stood

Gently, firm, so the other sergeant

At the next desk said ‘I agree

But getting arrested is not the way’

No time to argue, led to my cell

An interesting place, no sink for the loo

No dimmer for the light

No rest for the morally correct

But plenty of wall-tiles to while away my thoughts on

And touch with my toes in a workout routine

(This is just the bare account

But I know the hours spent there were

Strengthening in myriad subtle ways)

As for the food, ‘no comment’ –

They tried me with some books

Then pen and paper, nice of them

– Nice of me to them –

Where I wrote my thoughts for spiritual rebirth

For Extinction Rebellion unicity

The mental health nurse

Obliged to see me; my history

Said I should back-pat myself

Achieving my goal of arrest –

Walked down the corridor for release

The third cop of the day agreed with XR

And then there were cheers as I emerged

Into the foyer, disorientating, Woodstock

Had set up camp there

I headed down the stair

Some good hugs and a party declined

(I realised I had just missed it)

Walked to the Underground then

Discussing how to make The Message tight

With my temporary carer

Then in East London

Due to crossed wires

(No fault of my hosts)

Slept rough for the night

Musing on the homeless drunk

Who would also sleep rough on his release

Then in the morning took the Tube

To North Harrow where my mum grew up

Saw a house like my grandparents used to have there

Via Baker Street,  a romantic place that drew me

Into thoughts of not avoiding London afterall –

A couple of days later in my flat

In the rural Westcountry

Watching the bridge blocks on YouTube

Kicking myself that I missed the speakers and

The festival but proud I helped enable it




Call to Action For Honouring What Dies

By April Griefsong
Today (Saturday) has been all about water.  I have spent time walking the earth between camp and car, to prepare for some students visiting from the local University.  The sun was shining when they left home, so they were sadly unprepared for the crazy weather that caught them between the dogs trust car park and camp.  Unfortunately, it was so wet we couldn’t even keep the fire lit – the Gods were throwing buckets out the sky.  With typical forethought, Sarah had filled flasks before the downpour, so we could at least warm them with a hot cuppa.  Susanna, Omar and Zac were really insightful and quick to pick up on Sarah’s fascinating depth of knowledge of how HS2 are repeatedly ignoring directives and breaking EU law in their destruction of ecosystems.

I got a chance to introduce them to Extinction Rebellion and we are all keen for them to begin filming soon – conversations between me, Sarah and Niki, as well as any visitors who may join us.

An hour later, still water logged, we were joined by Nick’s wildlife walkers, who instead took shelter with us, and I used all my valley-aquired fire wisdom to court a warming blaze.  It became a village building day and fed the inspiration for this action I am calling to.

The security rushed to the fence with cameras – watching us watching them – while a kestrel watched us all from above…….

 A Plea to all you folks – wise , old, young and bold

You are needed.  The tree people need you.  After a day of human-centred road tethering – bring your hearts and bodies to the waters and life sustaining London.  Bear witness to yourself and each other – to your NEEDEDNESS of one another.





My dear friends,  sisters,  brothers,  mycelium roots of my hearts

As the head hearts of these Lands

Court the media minded moguls

In a language they may recognize,

I call those of us

Who have studied with the crystal core heart

In song, dance and worship –

Walkers; healers; singers; deep feelers;

Story tellers; sweatlodgers; shape changers, all.


And….a prostrate plea to those distant in place

Connected in ancestry, aching in consequences

Grief talkers; nonviolence walkers; spell breakers; system thinking shakers

Already deep down and in –

Elder us into village.


Rock, stone, feather and bone

Hear me call

Let’s bring us home.


All of us who have woven ourselves

Into the myth of these Lands

All Characters in Search of A Better Catastrophe


Join me in a day of Beauty Making

With great care and respect

Honouring and giving gratitude

For the wetlands on the veldt

The wastelands between bright London lights

And someplace wilder

The shadowlands;  out of sight.

A place on the edge of extinction.


Bring tools and voices for collaborating with trees.

Vegan food to feast together.

Bring your neurodiverse gifts and griefs

To unite hearts and inspire courage.

Bring water from where you lay.

Build an altar to Lords and Ladies of Decay.


Rock, stone, feather and bone

Hear me call

Let’s bring us home.


Sunday 18th November from 10am till we need to depart

Colne Valley Wildlife Protection Camp, Harvil Road, Uxbridge UB9 6JW             

Prepare for the waters to bless us back.  (Wellies and waterproofs.)

Greed trumps Need

The mindset of the Donald
is known to none but he,
allowing close around him 
only those who do agree,
that such ranting counts as wisdom
where the POTUS is concerned
where nothing now must stop him
from denying all we’ve learned.

That the climate is no longer
our kind supportive friend,
and the planet has a fever
in the blight of humankind,
where our atmosphere is warming 
with our growing fevered heat
and is likely to get rid of us
by the storms that we create.

Instead he treads a different path
where fascist seeds are sown,
by consorting so with despots
where brutality is the norm,
and all must heed the ruler’s word
or find themselves in cages,
with the protests of the people
that echo down the ages.

Where oil can have no limit
and coal must be fast burned
to create the wealth entitlement
we are told is ours to earn,
so we must extract and use it all
to make the stuff we need
which must go on forever
for this is the leader’s creed.

And the force that powers nature
must be to man entailed
lending truth to craze’d doctrines
that higher powers will prevail,
to stop sea levels rising
and the Arctic turning green
where our world goes on forever
supplying all we need.

Nothing may be mentioned
of all that threatens us
by those who stand around him
with smiles obsequious ,
as he signs away our living
uncaring of those who die
as our glorious planet
becomes cash based property.

Now the planet that we live on 
is now mere real estate
where business and trading
have all care displaced,
with debt the lot of many
in want and direst need
being told that shiny objects
will their children’s children feed.

Walk Gently

In response to the beautiful article by April GriefSong —  I would be so glad if this request from the earth might be heard, make music, anywhere it might, for the earth who whispered it tenderly in my ear, many years ago now:

Walk Gently

walk gently

with feet that listen tenderly

it is my body you mark with each step

know yourself by the feel of the air

as it breathes through the pores of your skin

it is my soul you breathe

in your lungs in your blood in your heart

watch the weather well

as you march through the heat that burns water dry

it is the dust of my skin you spit aside

and when the rains fall

take care

my muddy cheeks distort and slide

in between rain and sun

life takes root and grows

with a joy that veers toward ecstasy

come often

lest paths carved out over time disappear

life shoots up any place it can

certain small deaths are necessary

but walk gently

with feet that listen tenderly and give you strength

it is my body you mark with each step

it is my face beneath your feet at the summit

where the wind blows unhindered through your hair

Ann Moradian

April 15, 2009

Requiem for our planet

The planet that we live on
allowed our lives to be
until we chose to trash it
and call it property

fire was our first mistake
but warming were the flames
not knowing in our cleverness
we burned away our dreams

using fire we forced our land
behind a fence and wall
then fought hard for possession
of what was meant for all

then we created money
our busy’ness to allow
while destroying that very thing
on which our living drew

our population on the planet
was by pestilence unfazed
or wars that culled our numbers
and gods that made us crazed

now our world has had enough
and we must be got rid
we finally messed up our lease
and had eviction served

to be washed away by water
or fried by heated air
and poisoned by the fuels
we burned without a care

our planet has a fever
caused by humankind
and now can only cure itself
by leaving us behind

What the f*** are you waiting for?

What the fuck are you waiting for?

More golden arrows shot at Hydra’s heads?

What the fuck are you waiting for?

Trump and Bolsonaro to bring back the fleece?

Don’t let Medusa turn you to stone

Mesmerising spell of greed

The oil slick behind her eyes

With Bolsonaro elected

The Amazon will disappear

Hambach times one thousand

Arise with Kali, Brigid, Morrigan

The heroine quest is Extinction Rebellion

Arise, arise, no conclusion is foregone

The hero quest is Extinction Rebellion


by Matthew Tehanu who blogs at