Nothing is what it seems, by James Barker

The Suffolk fields are chemical green today, bright under a factory blue sky. A too azure sky. It is June in February today, and I’m still expecting snow this month like we had last year. On Friday it was warm November gales. There is nothing on these fields, our Suffolk fields. Nothing. It’s all been struck out.

Our once rich Suffolk soil is dying. Glyphosate is seeing to that. Ever attentive Farmer Giles, the insects’ friend, the ‘steward’ of the countryside, has carefully dosed each row. Soon the poison will leech away to the river. The river is a waste disposal unit now.

Nothing is what it seems.

What should be good is not good now. 

The farmer up the road is carefully planting plastic tubes in long straight rows. Four, five miles of tube along the road. I am dazzled by these bright clear tubes too sharp in the sunlight. My MP tells me they are planting hedge whips!

Hedge whip and plastic intertwine and merge. Gradually the plastic degrades, leeches and poisons the soil . No one cares! No one sees. We drive by.

Nothing is what it seems!

What should be good is not good now.

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