A view from the Rhondda Valley

What is the difference between an environmentalist and an earth destroyer. I believe (I suspect all environmentalists believe this too) that we are not just a part of the natural world. We are the natural world. I think at times it’s as if we want to cut an umbilical cord to Earth and stand on our own feet. Full of pride we turn on her and try to destroy her. We in the environmental movement intrinsically know this. When we see our planet harmed it harms us too and we feel the pain. I have always felt this way.

I remember when I was a child of about five being fascinated by a picture of our Earth on a cover of a book, Earth was depicted with a human face. Continents were arranged to look like features. There was smoke stacks and aeroplanes flying. Ships sailing her seas. The Earth was smiling.  I have always felt deep inside me that Earth is a living organism and we are her Children. I’ve always felt protected by Earth. Even when we go through the darkest of times she gives. She protects and feeds every living creature on the planet. The sun is her heart.

A preconditioned notion of how living organisms should look and feel like blind us to the most incredible organism in our solar system. Maybe in our Galaxy. Our living breathing planet. We are not the most superior beings on Earth. We are beyond doubt the most destructive. I didn’t have to look at a cover of a book to feel this connection. It runs too deep in all of us.

I believe we can avert climate breakdown. Now I do thanks to Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg. Before XR I think inside I was giving up. Been too hard and long watching our planet destroyed. Too many petitions. Too many marches. All to no avail. Too much greed. I watched us become addicted to consumerism as we started shovelling food into the giant’s mouth. Earth has protected me all my life and when I die I will be with her again in her streams and trees.

I also believe the very best human traits come to the surface when we are at one with Earth. She speaks to us through music and poetry. Our songs are the birds and our symphonies are the oceans and the wind. These are Earths words and songs. We are conduits. Our planet speaking through us, she helps us transcend base emotions.

Billionaires spend hundreds of millions on Art that depict a beautiful natural scene and these same people hungrily destroy all the beauty in the World. We are a species that was born from Earth. The connection we have can only be pure if we live in harmony. If we don’t live the way we are supposed to live then we kill Earth, ourselves and all life. I think if we are to survive we will of at last learned to live in harmony and a new dawn will rise. We will have grown up and come home.

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