Rebellion Day- London

By Tim Jones

The sky was bright and clear, the late Autumn sun still low at eleven o’clock. From Blackfriars Bridge we watched as they occupied Waterloo. We were nervous as we waited for our signal. When we had arrived, just before ten, there were only a dozen others gathered on the north side. We looked to be outnumbered by the hovering police. But by quarter to eleven, when we had moved cautiously onto the pavement of the bridge, we were at least a hundred. We had no idea what would happen when we got the signal.

  We laughed as we stepped onto the roadway of the bridge and lifted our banners across it. We were Londoners from all over the world, from all over Britain. The police were calm and friendly – they had, in fact, blocked the traffic for us. We were full of colour. The number of young children, drawing on the tarmac with chalk, was a joy to see – and a great relief. I had thought we might be dragged off in the first ten minutes but there were three or four hundred of us by midday – a critical mass of people moved to action by love. The news came in: Lambeth, Westminster, Waterloo and Southwark had all been taken.

  In love there is a latent turbulence, an animal uncertainty. It can be a thrill or a terror. Will we be worthy? Will what we love be snatched away? These days I’m scared, a lot of the time. It’s easy to believe that forest fires and hurricanes and sudden drought are things that only happen in far-off foreign places where they’re probably used to it. But this year’s Summer dried up our ancient damp soil and our worms are all dying. The land, soaked with chemicals and slurry, will not keep giving. Apparently the warm weather is good for our vines – so we’ll have something nice to drink when the rest of our produce has to be imported. What will we joke about in the pub when the migrants come in serious numbers? Will they welcome us ‘on the Continent’ if we have to move first? The Atlantic has always been kind to us but that will change and we learned nothing from Fukushima: what would our poets say about their lakes turned still with radiation?

  I felt slightly ashamed of these fears when, on the bridge, we heard witnesses from Ghana, West Papua, The Caribbean Islands and Mongolia, where the cost of our lifestyles and the exploitation of corporate imperialism has been felt for decades.

  Everyone patted George (Monbiot) on the back or got a quick photo with him. We huddled around Phil and his companions who lay on the floor with their hands chained together. Phil has been one of many heroes this week. I met him last Sunday at our training. He’s 82 and the thought of his grandchildren facing a broken planet breaks his heart. I don’t know how many times he’s been arrested so far this week. I can’t remember being so impressed in such a short space of time by so many people.

  There was a collective sense of elation – of happening. But also an anxiousness, an urge to act. A message came from my sister, that our dad had been arrested on Lambeth Bridge – he and my mum and sister had travelled down from Sheffield, leaving at 4am. Then we heard an announcement that police were moving in on Lambeth and that they had fewer rebels than on the other bridges so could any groups go west to support? We gathered and decided to go.

  I should say something about my affinity group. We formed last Sunday, fairly organically, out of a hall of a hundred or so people. We had shared a few messages through the week and spent only a few hours together but, by the time we were hurrying along the South Bank, weaving through the ambling crowds of tourists, there was a sense of absolute trust between us. They are all kind, unassuming and wakeful. Despite different approaches to how things should be done, we decided things together.

  Once we’d passed Westminster, which was full of people but clearly still inaccessible to traffic, we saw the profile of Lambeth Bridge. A small crowd with their flags flying above them clearly held the centre but there was no movement at all on either side, so it seemed clear that the police were blocking access. Then, out of the blue, I saw my other sister. She was strolling along and only noticed me when I waved. ‘What you doing?’ I asked. ‘Just looking for someone to hang out with,’ she said, before confirming our suspicions that Lambeth had been sealed off. So we turned back to Westminster Bridge to see what we could do there.

  Under the shadow of Big Ben, we heard, after some more speeches and music and shifts holding the banners, that the gathering on Westminster Bridge had been declared ‘legal’ by the police. As a group we were mildly disappointed and, perhaps, quietly relieved; some of us were positively annoyed. (Having been respectfully warned in good time, the police were in control of the whole business. In future we might have to be a bit more continental in our approach.) A festival atmosphere ensued. I met my mum, sisters and my dad – he’d been released after an hour or so in a van. I got the stories of him standing his ground and then, as per the training, ‘going limp’. He only weighs about nine stone but it took six officers to carry him away – it was good training.

  As evening set in we congregated on Parliament Square. We were cold and tired but glad, still, to be there. It was a singularly transgressive pleasure to walk onto the forbidden well-watered grass and sit for a final moment of communion. People spoke some beautiful and terrible truths about where we are and what needs to be done. I don’t believe in the dogmas of organised religion, nor do I believe in the definitions of nationhood or the absolutism of ideology. But I believed in everything that was said: Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, Marxist, Liberal. We have to accept the truth of conservatism, too – especially when it holds to its name. All these voices speak truth when they speak rebelliously against the order of power, against conformity, against destruction, against superficiality and speak rebelliously for reality, for creation, for regeneration, for a constant active renewal of love. The police stirred when it was announced that three trees would be planted in the pristine grass of Parliament Square. We stood and moved in closer, a few hundred bodies between the law and the trees. I don’t know how long they’ll be there. But we’ll plant more. What is there to do, in moments such as these, other than to quote a great rebel: ‘Even if tomorrow I knew the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.’.

  Beyond the elation of the day, things look bad. We have to relinquish any hope that our way of life can continue. But, even if Nature were not about to put an end to it, is this really a way of life we hope to continue? For many years I have experienced a void between how I feel and what I do. What did I do on the 17thNovember? Almost nothing. But I was there, I was awake, it was a beginning. Now we can do two things: we can lessen the devastation by rebelling and not stopping until things have changed, and we can build a new and better hope that begins and ends in the living world.

  On Sunday morning I met one of my new friends from my affinity group: Marco, who had travelled the long journey by train from Italy to rebel with us. He said something that moved me very much: now, more than ever, we are called upon to wage love.

Tim Jones is a secondary school teacher from London


Extinction Rebellion – Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night

On the 31st October 1517, Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Church. The awareness of this action’s long-term significance may have escaped him at the time. With swathes of people turning against the Catholic Church, which had been the most powerful force in Europe for countless years, any doubts about its effect cannot have lasted long.

On the 31st of December 2018, Extinction Rebellion issued a “Declaration of Rebellion” against the British Government. The event was passionate and inspiring. One hopes it will have a similarly galvanising effect as Luther’s hammers had upon the Church. Indeed, it will need to if we are to survive the ecocide standing before us.

This time of year has a feeling of rebellion. The haze of Summer, which somehow seeps well into September, starts to lift. Suddenly we are plunged into darkness and our clocks go back. An extra hour’s sleep never feels quite enough. Halloween is a time for Trick or Treat – far more of an American tradition than a British one. There’s something anarchic about the whole idea that I find appealing – the act of sanctioned, carnivalesque begging. Is giving sweets to strangers paying homage to that sense of hospitality we fear losing, or are we symbolically paying tribute to monsters we have no way of controlling?

Imagine if this practice happened constantly throughout the year? The Trick aspect of Trick or Treat is presented as a last resort if children do not get the treats they want. But really Trick is more of a word for the whole masquerade of Halloween, and its anti-authoritarian semblances, for dressing up as ghouls and ghosts. Halloween is about joyful anonymity through masquerade. It feels in some sense like an age-old protest. Or at least an exorcism of bad spirits.  

Costume parties run into November. And in Britain unlike the US we have Guy Fawkes Night. When I was a child, it always struck me as unpleasant to celebrate someone’s execution with bonfires and burning effigies. It took an imagination like Alan Moore’s to reinvent the Guy Fawkes imagery as an act of rebellion against a future British fascist state in his comic V for Vendetta to symbolically spin something out of Guy Fawkes’ vengeance at years of smouldering mannequins. On the night of the 3rd November, I sat in a plush London cinema watching the film version; a tear ran down my cheek at the inhumanity and the cruelty the film portrays. The message is very much that a certain ruthlessness, based on revenge, is if not necessary then at least inevitable for a mass popular uprising. The lead characters “V” and “Evie Hammond” delight in gleeful destruction – art as political violence.

In some senses, the Extinction Rebellion is similar – more subtle and much more forgiving than the swashbuckling anarchist of the aforementioned tale. Rather than taking pleasure in chaos, Extinction Rebellion presupposes that worldwide chaos is already occurring. Waking people up to their fate involves not blaming or taking out our anger on those who stand against us: the government and big business. Their resistance involves presenting us with half measures to global warming: they cannot face up to destruction, they will waver until the last minute to Midnight. It is only through grieving the extinction that is presently happening that we can hope to change the status quo. People do not know what they have until it is gone. Sadness is powerful and also political. Meanwhile, we have to be creative and artistic against a backdrop of violence and destruction. We have to speak truth to the emotions that lay in the realm beyond a climate apocalypse: both a collective mourning for what we are losing and a collective joy in what we are building anew.

“What I Stand For Is What I Stand On”

45062838_10214466431552284_787289044617789440_oSince I last wrote, #ExtinctionRebellion has gone boom! Shared by Mr Monbiot to Mr Sanders who tweeted it to the World – what we do now on 31st Oct Declaration Day and in the subsequent direct actions, really matters. Just like everything we do that has consequence on the future – though we are so far removed in time and place, we barely need to think about that – only this time, how this plays out will be replayed to us on a very short feedback loop, over and over again, and the consequences will be deeply present.

I look out on a cloudless sunset skyscape, where contrails blaze across the darkening blue like dragons, beautiful and dangerous. I have thought a lot about what this rebellion is asking folks to sacrifice. Holiday flights. No big deal, surely. But what about those whose family are in distant lands? Maybe growing old and dying. Are they to deny each other a last chance to clasp hands and hearts? Supermarkets. I think of the empty shops in high streets and lack of community hubs across our towns. I think of the vast over cultivated expanses of tree-barren agricultural land no longer growing food for human consumption. I think of all our concrete gardens. Pharmaceuticals. I get real to the fact that many of my dearest friends’ lives rely on a daily dose of drugs. And those so close to my heart, who have choices about how they live because of Big Pharma. There is so much more. Individual car ownership. Home heating as winter is coming. Pure Water preservation.

Remorse. I swim in an ocean of it.

And still, #ExtinctionRebellion appears utterly necessary to me. It is not that these privileges will disappear from our plate immediately. They are the kinds of policy re-evaluations that will be taken to the People’s Assemblies. Decision-making will be distributed among real people who have to live with them, with a firm commitment to living within the means of the planet . A commitment to assuring there are other than human beings still available to sustain those generations, already born, who will be dealing with the exigencies of life on a planet in deep trauma.

And so, Declaration Day approaches and now has a life of her own. The laughter of gods echoes through the corridors of our plots and plans. Where my focus goes now is nonviolence and de-escalation. I have been arrested for civil disobedience – grabbed from behind and face-planted in the dirt by police protecting a lorry from my oh so slow walk. It is not pleasant. It is not nonviolent.

My mind goes to the nonviolent direct action training Rising Up are rolling out to support volunteers. I took the role of a police person in role play and felt the frustration and irritation grow as the activist in front of me refused to move, in the face of all my cajoling and persuasion and even my rising ire. The one next to me cried, and still did not move. It was hard to keep calm and rational. I listened to the sharing of experiences of my affinity group – how they stayed grounded and calm and held their positions – deep breathing; rooting to the Earth; flowing like water; repetitive statements; songs.

Ah, songs. I am resonant to the power of songs – the way these magically manipulative mouths of ours have been gifted capacity to carefully shape sacred sound into words layered with meaning and history. This is a tactic I used to great effect when I spent 24 hours in a holding cell after the slow walk arrest. Cells have incredible acoustics and I would sing for an hour – not always songs, sometimes tones or mantras, til the vibrations were bouncing round the tiny plastic room. Then, in the silence after the sound, when every cell in my body was resetting itself to the highest vibrations resonating around me, I would lay down and sleep – for hours. Deep, nourishing , restorative sleep. When I woke, I began the whole process again, until hours later, I was release, calm and wide awake, to the welcoming arms of the wellbeing team who met us with food and tobacco and music to shake to.

Song. What a powerful tool in the armoury of nonviolence. We will have songs on Declaration Day. Songs to bind us together in nonviolence and connectedness. Songs to raise our energies and songs to help us calm each other. Songs to voice out loud our commitment to make a stand for where we stand.

So, bring your singing voices, rebellioneers. Leave behind the system tools of anger and aggression. However many come, we are a small minority of people who will sing our way back to a world that works for all life on Earth.

Written  by April Griefsong



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XR newsletter #2 – Rebellion day

Rebellion Day
November 17th
In accordance with our conscience and as a clear duty to our children; our communities; this nation; and the planet; we are going to rebel against this criminally negligent government.

Our government’s abject failure to protect citizens and the next generations from the prospect of unimaginable suffering brought about by climate breakdown and social collapse is no longer acceptable.

We will no longer stand idly by and allow the destruction of all we love.

We are raging against this madness and our hearts are breaking.
We have a right and duty to rebel in the face of this tyranny of idiocy – in the face of this planned collective suicide.

We are going to act and in acting together we will overcome.

Assemble around Parliament for an act of mass civil disobedience. The day is part of a series of escalating non-violent direct actions which will be taking part in London from the 12th November.

Don’t forget to also promote the Declaration of Rebellion on Oct 31st

Rising Up Autumn Gathering- Extinction Rebellion Formation 29/30th Sept

The gathering will plan the Extinction Rebellion. What we will do, where we do it, what we need to do it.

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Suggested Reading:
Why Growth Can’t Be Green- ForeignPolicy
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David Spratt- What lies beneath (Bias in Scientific Community)
10C increase within a human lifetime- Dr. James White

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XR newsletter #1 – 5/9 2018


Time is a luxury we no longer have, we are heading for the cliff edge
and we aren’t putting the brakes on.

Our political leadership has failed us and our rights to life and common
interests are ignored and endangered.


As citizens of a democratic state and in accordance with our moral and
spiritual beliefs and our obligations to our families we believe the
only course of action is to call for a rebellion on behalf of life



Across the world, the need for grassroots climate action is becoming
more and more obvious, from the resignation of France’s environmental
minister [1] to recent studies showing the devastating effects of a 2C
warming on global crops [2].

This week in XR we have travelled to the far corners of the South West
to deliver talks and practiced our first bit of civil disobedience in
London’s Trafalgar Square.


Walking out at the zebra crossing, the road was
taken in a calm and controlled manner. The road was occupied with
sitting in the street, with a banner held in front to block any through
whilst flyers were handed out to the surrounding public.

Those involved with the Extinction Rebellion are no longer prepared to
sit idly by and watch elected representatives ignore the problem of our
times – the mass extinction of species precipitated by man made impacts
on climate change.

The aim of this small yet coherent action was also to demonstrate for
new members the kind of actions that will be taking place on a larger
scale in November.

The action was followed by a picnic at St. James’s Park. This
provided both old and new faces the opportunity to get to know each
other and share some well deserved food!

–Roman, new affinity group member

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For more information on the working groups and generally what is
involved with the rebellion please check out the ‘How to get involved’
[7] and ‘Briefing’ [8] documents.

“_Individual commitment to a group effort–that is what makes a team
work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work_.” –Vince

Can you help us spark a rebellion? [9]

Suggested Reading:

* Greta Thunberg, 15 year on school strike: “Sweden is not a Role
Model” [10]
* UN Scientific Paper Suggests ‘Capitalism Has to Die in Order for the
Planet to Be Saved [11]’
* “What If It’s Already Too Late?” [12]: Being an Activist in the

Suggested Viewing:

* Noam Chomsky- Racing to the precipice of human extinction [12]
* The Children’s March [13]- An insight into the arrests of thousands
of children in Birmingham, Alabama that led to the 1964 Civil Rights Act
* Extinction Rebellion Run Up Action- Road Block [3]

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Inspiring Story of the Week
Following Sweden’s hottest summer ever, Greta Thunberg, 15, decided to
go on school strike at the parliament [10]to get politicians to act.
This is the kind of bravery we need in the face of the climate crisis.
The younger generation are waking up to the chaotic world that has been
left to them. Their actions will guide our future, much as the
Children’s March [13] did in Birmingham.


The rebellion will be volunteer led! [9]


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So It Has Come To This

Extinction Rebellion Diary #1:

Written by Roger Hallam

Content editor: Matthew Tehanu:

Copy-editor: Julian Langer:

[Originally this was sent to The Ecologist. Without permission, The Ecologist changed key elements ending up with a diluted message. Visit here to see the toxic media version.]

The forests are burning, the temperatures are soaring and people are dying. And this is just the beginning. The silence on the climate crisis has become deafening this summer as temperature records are again broken all around the globe. In complexity theory as a system comes under increasing pressure there is often a period of calm before a “phase transition” – when the system breaks down into new state. This calm is about to break.

In the UK the conventional campaigning revealed yet again this June its abject failure to influence the political establishment. Thirty years since scientists told us that we are heading for ecological collapse, if we do not act, a majority of Labour and Tory MPs voted through the UK’s biggest carbon intensive infrastructure project – the Third Runway at Heathrow Airport. Once completed it will produce more carbon emissions than entire countries – Portugal or Chile. No act confirms more clearly the pathological criminality of our political class.

So it has come to this: rebellion!

This November we will rebel against the genocide our rulers have planned for us. We will go to London and block transport and government infrastructure. We will be arrested. Once released we will do it again. To stop us they will have to imprison us. We will appeal to people to rise up and join us. But whether they do so is not important. What is important now is for us to make a stand – to engage in a direct political struggle, which is appropriate to the crisis we face. We must speak the blunt truth – we are heading for extinction. We must act as if that truth is real – to rebel.

This to many of us this is already a liberation. Finally after decades of emailing, donating, marching: after years of growing depression, desperation, and despair we have reached this point. We will no longer tolerate the destruction of this beautiful planet – the humiliation of seeing this crime of all crimes take place year in and year out throughout our whole lives. We have decided crying alone in the dark is no way to deal with our piercing grief at this horror. We are going act and action is the antidote to despair. When the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto finally accepted reality – that they would all die in the concentration camps – only then did they rebel. Almost all of them were killed, but they died as they put it – “with honour” rather than as sheep to the slaughter.

This is our choice today. For those with eyes to see and the brains to do basic maths we know the game is up. Not so long ago we were told by scientists in no uncertain terms that we should not go over 350 part per million of CO2 in the atmosphere otherwise we would face catastrophe. We are now at 410. The increase used to be 1ppm a year, then it rose to 2ppm, we are now approaching 3ppm. In a decade or so we will be crossing 450ppm – the equivalent of the Paris limit of 2C. At 500ppm “all bets our off” in the words of Professor Peter Ward. He means we will have triggered the geo physical feedbacks which will lead to our extinction. After years of denial we finally have to accept the terrible truth – those in authority are going to kill us – the infliction of unimaginable suffering on billions of innocent people. This is what is planned – openly and wilfully. There is no greater crime.

So the time for facts and figures is over – the speculations, the distractions – the talks that lead to more talks. All we face is “blood sweet and tears”. We are adults and no longer children. Citizens, as John Locke, our most important political philosopher, declared have both a right and a duty to rebel against tyranny – governments which plan the deaths of their peoples. The British people have a history of not taking bullshit from their rulers. We did not do so in the past and we will do it no longer in the present. Live free or die. We have made our choice.

Already, around the country, hundreds are answering our call. We started our presence in London, Bristol, and Stroud. We now have groups in Frome and Exeter. The rebellion is spreading.

Extinction Rebellion (XR) needs you! We are calling for a national mobilisation on the scale of WWII. We demand that carbon emissions be reduced to zero by 2025, a task only as ‘impossible’ as war-time mobilisation in 1939. This aim is in line with The Climate Mobilisation (TCM) in the USA. We can do this, but we need your help. Please ‘like’ our Facebook page @ExtinctionRebellion and message the page to offer support. Connect with us on Twitter @ExtinctionR. As well as the civilly disobedient on the frontline, we seek media specialists, writers, editors, public speakers, software designers, performers and artists of all kinds to help spread the XR campaign.

Email the author of this article, organic farmer, public speaker and successful carbon divestment campaigner Roger Hallam, on