The climate emergency demands that we mobilise internationally on an unprecedented scale. This mobilisation must include spreading literature about the emergency from a variety of perspectives, and as widely as possible.

Extinction Rebellion invites you, wherever you are in the world, to contribute to this literature. As long as you are broadly in agreement with both the principles and values of Rising Up!, and the urgent need for an international, peaceful ‘war-level’ mobilisation of the people to combat governments’ inaction on climate breakdown, then your material is welcome. Please click here to read through the principles and values of Rising Up! fully before submitting literature.

For the time being we are looking for three main categories of literature:

Fact-based articles and well-informed opinion pieces: 

Suitable for experienced writers.

1) Relating to climate breakdown, and the urgent need for non-violent direct action responses. These can be from a global perspective or a perspective that is very local to where you live.

2) Relating to regenerative culture, and investigating how we can create a nurturing and sustainable culture not just within Rising Up! and Extinction Rebellion, but for the whole of society, as part of the necessary system change that is due for our political and economic systems.

Click here for full article writing guidelines.

Climate breakdown diaries: 

Suitable for inexperienced and experienced writers. Personal diaries about climate breakdown and how the knowledge of it affects you from day to day. Also diaries related to creating a regenerative culture (i.e. a nurturing and sustainable culture) within Rising Up!, Extinction Rebellion and society as a whole. Don’t be afraid to honestly show all your emotions, from anger and fear to sadness, despair, and even joy and determination to act! Maybe you are already involved with Rising Up! and Extinction Rebellion. If so, consider writing in your diaries what first attracted you to RU and the XR campaign. Perhaps your words will help inspire others to join! It would also be great if you wrote about your experiences of RU and XR as the campaign escalates. There are no specific diary writing guidelines as diaries are very personal things. However, as with all writing categories, make sure you’ve read through the Rising Up! principles and values and do not disagree with them in any significant way. Regular diaries from individual writers may be considered, as well as one-off diary pieces.

Toxic Media Climate: 

Suitable for experienced writers. This is writing about writing. This is for writers who are very on the ball with climate science and can spot climate myths when they are published on websites and in the mainstream media. We also welcome critiques of articles that have clearly watered down the truth of the likelihood of certain climate breakdown scenarios. In a neoliberal capitalist culture, even very ‘left-wing’ publications water down the truth, as they are often unwilling to face the necessity of dramatic system change i.e. the creation of an alternative economic and political order. For a brilliant expose of most climate myths, visit this site.

‘Toxic media climate’ refers to the climate of silence and denial in the media and literature more generally around climate breakdown and the sixth mass extinction event on Earth. If you would like to write on this subject generally, please get in touch.

Please email all submissions to:


The editors reserve the right to copy-edit submissions for reasons of grammar, accessibility and conservation of space. If you are not happy with the edited versions of your work, you reserve the right to ask us to take them down, which we will do at the earliest possibility. However, we reckon you will find us to be totally fair and on the ball with editing!

Please note that the XR Blog is a volunteer led effort. We cannot pay writers for published submissions.