Extinction Rebellion Writers’ International Networks (!XRWINS!)

!XRWINS! strategy in development is based on the reality that structural imbalances in power, and the related ignorance of the sixth mass extinction event, the Anthropocene, and the direct action needed to mitigate it, that are prevalent in global society, are also prevalent on the internet. For XR to succeed in its aims on a global scale, it is not enough that we succeed in physical spaces and write about it in a few places online. Public opinion can be quickly swayed against XR online (whether it be by Russian troll-bots or real live Trump supporters) if we don’t actively maximise our web presence and democratise the internet for the sake of XR and all life on Earth. Additionally, the more websites that direct traffic back to xrebellion.org, rebellion.earth and xrblog, the more support we will have for the movement as a whole.

The premise here is that XR needs a comprehensive strategy to maximise and proliferate presence across as many online platforms as possible, without sacrificing core messaging and in a way that directs all web traffic back to a few key platforms, particularly xrebellion.org and rebellion.earth and including xrblog.org

This is about creating an XR Spider’s Web of WINS -Writers’ International Networks, with xrebellion.org being the spider at the centre.

green huntsman spider

‘Web Presence’ in the context of !XRWINS! could include:

  • XR main sites, including blog and social media pages
  • XR-affiliated not-for-profit sites (when they exist)
  • Literature about XR including blog posts
  • Links back to XR sites or XR-affiliated sites
  • Subversive book reviews, film reviews, and product reviews
  • Subversive comments on a multiplicity of websites

The first simultaneous jobs on the list for !XRWINS! are:

  1. Research the development of this strategy, including second and third WINS (e.g. Medium and Squarespace communities)
  2. Launch and grow the first WINWordPress WIN, by keeping a static page on XR Blog which lists all WordPress bloggers and WP sites that have agreed to support our sites by linking back to them, with clickable buttons on their sites linking to xrebellion.org, rebellion.earth and xrblog.org, with personalised blurbs of support if possible. WordPress powers over 20% of the internet -how much of that 20% can reference XR? That is the question for the WordPress WIN.

To help with !XRWINS! strategy development and to help us with the WordPress WIN, please write to us at xrblog@protonmail.com